Steps to becoming a thought leader in your industry

If you are looking forward to getting online publicity, you should present yourself as a thought leader in the industry you operate.  It is an excellent way to stand out and get your message heard among the general media. But one cannot become a thought leader in one day. You have to follow a few tips to get started.

Here are a few tips on how you can become a thought leader.

Define your area of proficiency

Due to lack of experience, many business owners set out to become thought leaders by commenting on general subjects that influence broad, undefined audiences. This will end up in their comments being lost among other people shouting to be heard.  Rather talking about generic things, be specific in your approach. You should talk on things especially aimed at a specific demographic. This will ensure your voice is heard by the relevant people. If you are having a problem, start broad and then you can work your way inwards. Once you have established your position among relevant audience, your comments are more likely to be picked up.

Put your view in front of the audience in your own voice

Once you have identified your areas of expertise and are established among the relevant audience, it is the perfect time to build your own identity. And the best way is to do it with practice. Do a research on topics that people are talking about, dig in the biggest news stories in your industry and provide useful posts that are accurate, educational and engaging. You should post regularly to build a decent archive of posts. Once you have a good platform, write at least once a week and share it across popular social media sites.

Develop good relations with your industry influencers

You should develop good relations with your industry influencers. Remember, you are not the only one in your industry that writes blogs or put views in front of the audience. So it is important to build relationships with your peers and influencers. Another way you can use to attract attention and start developing a relationship is through social networking and leaving comments on their blogs and articles.

You cannot become a thought leader overnight. But if you follow tips and continue to place yourself as an authoritative source, you will start building a great online reputation. Take help of online resources to get more information. The relevant information available on the Internet will help you in many ways.

How to build better customer relationships in digital marketing?

Before online exchanges and communications became popular, brands and companies made both physical and emotional connections with their customers. This helped them to build loyalty, repeat businesses and many unmeasured value for the company. But today, most companies and brands are turning up to social media to create customer engagement as an alternative for never having an actual physical communication with a customer. Though some businesses are able to market and engage their customers online perfectly well, but not everyone has been so lucky. So how can businesses stand out over their competitors?

There are few tips that a digital marketing agency in California recommends using in order to drive better leads and exchanges by building stronger customer relationships online.  Let us discuss the tips in details here.

Take surveys and feedbacks to review your customers’ views

You can make good sales, build trust and increase repeat business only when you are able to meet your customers’ exact requirements. But how you will come to know what exactly their exact requirements are? You can know their requirements best by conducting surveys and taking feedbacks.  Insights from your customers will help you improve your services and products. You can take help of social media channels and also use your website to conduct surveys.  You can get feedbacks through emails or online forms to get valuable perception from your clients.

Keep your customers informed

In today’s digital world, the customers are getting smarter when it comes to choosing best service providers and products. So it is important you show a good picture in front of your customers. For example – if you are selling a product to your customer, your customer should have access to your team for help, be it about the installation of the product, its operation or its maintenance.  In case you are offering a service, keep your customers informed about what type of services they will receive, what is the cost and whether there are any additional charges or not.

Keep communications through emails

Making an email list is one of the most important ways to stay connected with your customers, create affinity and generate revenue. Provide value content so that your client can use and share it. When you provide content that discourses the necessity and provides a solution to the customer’s problem, then only you can make an impression and foster the digital relationship that your company needs to be victorious.

If you are successful in implementing the above tips, then definitely you will be successful in developing healthy customer relationships. Hire a professional digital marketing agency in California to help you with more effective tips.

Central Valley Marketing Group is a dynamic digital marketing agency in California. We are a team of young, dynamic and energetic digital marketing experts to equip you with right strategies to enhance your brand loyalty and long-lasting customer relationships. You can get in touch with us on (559) 871-9051  or drop us an email at to discuss your needs.

Overuse of hashtags is not recommended!

Hashtags are a popular part of digital world today and it is rare to find anyone who does not know what they are. Although most of the people know about it, but still there are people who does not know how to use them.
Hashtags once used as pound sign on your phone now have a popular place on social media. They are found on most of the popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, Instrgram and Pinterest. You may be eager to know why they are used on social media? Hashtag is the most popular means of categorizing content on social media. It makes your content discoverable and permits you to find relevant content from other people and businesses. It allows you to connect with and engage with other users relevant to your target market or interest.
We are an expert California social media agency and we help businesses identify or know how to use hashtags. Knowing how to use it is fundamental to your success on social media. Here we are sharing a few tips on how to use it for better engagement and reach.

#1: Firstly, be specific when using hashtags. Try and hone in on a passionate community that shares an interest in one specific area. The more specific you can get with your hashtags, the more targeted your audience will be and a targeted audience generally means better engagement. The popular social media platform Twitter has created a helpful infographic to assist users in choosing the appropriate hashtags.

#2: Secondly, accommodate hashtags to the social network you are using. Although hashtags on all social networks have the same basic purpose of content tagging and discovery, its use still varies in terms of use from one social network to another.

#3: Thirdly, do not have more hashtags than words. You might have come across many social media networks that overuse hashtags. They think if they do this, they will have more engagement or reach. Remember, overuse of it will dilute your message. You should focus on being specific.

#4: Fourthly, you should not hashtag everything. No doubt, they make your content discoverable to a wide audience. But the truth is not everything you produce is going to fit this category. Use them only when you find it is relevant to use.

Using hashtags will allow you to make an impression on a wide social media audience. Ensure you are sharing the best content and making the right impression. As your California social media agency, we will ensure hashtags are used optimally on your social media networks for better engagement and reach.

Broadcast your business message with eye-catching brand identity design

Have you ever thought why a business gives importance to eye-catching brand identity design?  It is because brand identity is very crucial for them. It helps a business showcase themselves in front of others. It’s all about the way they want to be seen by the customers. In other words, it is a symbol that differentiates them from their competitors in their market.

It is all through an appealing brand identity design that a company relates its business story and communicates well with the target audience. And this is all done with the help of a brand’s name, logo, style, and visuals.

We, at CVMG, as a professional graphic design company, come across many who think that brand image and brand identity are the same things. But, there is a lot of difference between them. Brand identity design is a combination of a business message, logo, style, and visuals that a brand uses to showcase themselves in front of customers. On the other hand, brand image is the overall opinion that is formed about a brand within the market. It all relates to the status of a brand in the eyes of the customers.

The chief goal of good brand identity design is to utilize creative strategy to build an everlasting and positive brand experience both on an online and offline front. This help in achieving a good position in the target market and create a good point of difference from the competitors. There are many stages of this process. First of all, the professionals involved in the process conduct a research and analysis to understand the business. Then they also study the competitors operating in the market. They try to find out what extra or new they are doing in order to circulate their business story better or creating a niche in their target market. Then they start with the other development phases including designing a logo, giving a unique style and adding visuals. All this work requires a lot of expertise and good knowledge of brand identity design techniques. When you will hire us, you will get good brand identity design.

At CVMG, we will take care of all the subcategories of brand identity design. For example – logo design, banner design, web design and development, social media marketing, online marketing, and SEO. You can use all these to propagate your business story in a better way.

Brand design identity is an integral part of your marketing plan. So, you must be careful while introducing it. It is recommended to choose a professional to help you with good brand identity design or else, you are going to end with a design that does not relate to your business. As your graphic design company, we will help you with a design that resonates well with your business.


Best ecommerce website design to maximize selling power of your online store

Today we are all a part of the ever-evolving digital world. We use trendy gadgets and electronic devices to make our work simple and quick. With the time, the demand of electronic devices has gone up because more people like to explore online avenues to search things of their interest with these devices. A recent study on the trend of buying behavior indicates that more than 85% people prefer to shop online. With online shopping gaining so much of momentum, it is not wrong in saying that the ecommerce business are doing pretty well, and are earning huge profits on their investments.

Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce is regarded has the best way to reach potential customers. So, a lot of businesses have started to expand their business by opening an online store with the help of a functional and user-friendly website.

If you too want your business to flourish better, get an ecommerce website developed by CVMG. CVMG is a trusted web design company in Fresno. We will build an ecommerce website that will help you reach a maximum number of your potential customers with least amount of investment. You will own an online store that is open for your customers 24×7. Your customers can shop from your store at any time of the day and from anywhere.

At CVMG, we have an expert team of web designers and developers who will understand your business goals properly and would help you with a website to market your products and services better and make better revenue. We will design a website that showcases your business, and allows you to reach beyond your local market and expand your profitability. We will develop an online shopping store that has user-friendly web design, easy navigation, features, proper display of your products and services and easy payment making options. We know you would always want to give a unique shopping experience to your customers. So, we will take care of every aspect that will enhance your customers’ user experience.

Email us on if you want exceptional ecommerce web design services. As your reliable web design company in Fresno, we will help maximize the selling power of your online store with effective ecommerce design services. You can also call us to discuss your needs.


Web performance optimization will give your website maximum popularity

What will happen when your website will not perform well on premium search engines?

The answer to the above question is quite simple –your business will get impacted. It’s true that websites that are not performing well on search engines fail to get the attention they should get. The online visitors are more into visiting websites that are on top pages. Recent studies have proved that more than 70% percent of Internet users do not go beyond first or the second search engine pages. So, as a smart digital marketer, you should implement strategies to push the ranking of your website on top positions. This is where better web performance optimization tools come into picture. They can help you improve your ranking on SERPs.
As your SEO experts in Fresno, we can help you with various web performance optimization strategies. Before we discuss further about the various web performance optimization strategies, we will discuss what actually web performance optimization is.

Web performance optimization refers to the various methods that help in improving the speed in which the web pages are downloaded and displayed on the visitor’s web browser. It’s vital to keep a tab on the speed at which the web pages are downloaded as faster download and display speed increase visitor retention, user satisfaction and reliability. There are many factors that can influence the speed at which the web pages are downloaded. Some of them include browser and server cache, and image optimization.

At CVMG, we have been helping many small to medium scaled businesses enhance web performance optimization using various techniques. The strategies that contribute to effective web performance optimization includes a set of work processes that deals with programming, coding, configuration, user interface plan, metadata, photos and written content. We use effective web optimization tools to help you know what is the exact status of or clients’ website. For example – we use Web Analytic tools to understand what is happening to a website and measure the website’s success. We also use validators to check the invisible parts of the website and the potential problems that hinder the popularity of a website on popular search engines.

Keeping a close look on the performance of your website is important if you want to earn good rewards. Hire us as your SEO experts to monitor the performance of your website. Optimizing a website is our main job. We are equipped with all helpful strategies that can help in analyzing the success of a website.
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How to properly use social media in your digital marketing plan?

Digital marketing is ever evolving with so many changes taking place every now and then. With so many frequent updates, it may seem overwhelming for you. To make things work for you and to stay at the top in your market, you need to have effective digital marketing strategies in place.
Gone are the days when only handful of companies knew about social media and incorporated them into their digital marketing plan. But today, it is reigning high. And according to the latest trends, it will continue to perform well in future. Keeping these points in mind, it is important to stay abreast with the advancements taking place in the social media arena. There are a few social media updates you cannot afford to miss if you want to gain from your digital marketing efforts.
Here are a few tips that will help you use social media in your digital marketing plan in the best possible manner.

Give more preference to visuals

According to digital marketing experts in California, major social media platforms give more preference to content having more visuals. Get more creative to embed videos and images in your social media posts. This is going to make your content more effective and engaging. More visitors will see your videos and read what you have to say.

Invest in quality content to prevent poor engagement and reach

It can be challenging to conquer social media without rich, fresh, informative and engaging content. Ensure you are not making the mistake of posting boring topics. This will deviate your clients from your social media space. You need to be careful while choosing topics. Always post content that is informative. Let’s take an example here to understand better. Topics that educate and provide solutions are more effective.

Emphasize on social media signals

Social media signals play an instrumental role in ranking. As a reliable digital marketing company in Fresno, we take effective steps in helping many small and medium businesses improve their social media signals. You cannot deny the fact that the shares and retweets a page receives play an important role in indexing content. You can request your followers to share your content and even ask your followers to put interesting questions to boost engagement.

Social media is changing at an increasing speed. So it is important you stay at the top as the changes take place, and are flexible enough to adjust to changes taking place.

We wish you best of luck for your social media marketing efforts. At any time you feel we can help you, get in touch with us. We are a reliable digital marketing agency in California. We have a team of talented and result-oriented digital marketing experts that can plan and implement right digital marketing strategies for you.